Client’s words:

Absolutely the best RTM around. Chrystal is very much there for you and your needs. She wants to be sure you are comfortable throughout the entire session. Always asks questions, explains what she’s doing as she’s doing it. Will explain and show you what muscles/nerves run through the area of pain and explains what she […]

Belinda Michielin

Chrystal is a gem! Professional, informative and caring – she’s a rare pink diamond among RMTs. On the one hand, you can’t wait to go back because it’s so relaxing – but on the other hand the results are so immediate – you feel so great afterwards – you don’t need to book as soon […]

Sarah Davidson

Chrystal offers excellent treatment in a very inviting space! What I appreciated perhaps the most was how attentively she listened to my concerns, and then tailored her treatment accordingly.

Andrew Rushmere
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About Chrystal

Chrystal Ladouceur, RMT
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Chrystal Ladouceur is a motivated, resourceful and intuitive Registered Massage Therapist who is on a mission to make you feel better. Using her clinical knowledge while drawing on her personal experience of chronic pain and discomfort, Chrystal aims to offer pain relief in addition to preservation or restoration of natural function, ultimately making your life more liveable! She officially opened her Clinic, Aspect Health & Registered Massage Therapy in North Saanich at the beginning of January 2015, after coming to the realization that improving her own quality of life meant working hand-in-hand with you to improve yours!

Chrystal takes special interest in working with chronic pain patients, focusing much of her study on pain science. She also has an interest in doing intraoral massage, working with patients with TMJ disorder, and in treating those with back, spine, and neck pain.

Diagnosed with moderate osteoarthritis in her own neck which at one point resulted in debilitating headaches, nerve issues in her arms and hands, and other life-altering symptoms, Chrystal manages to live an incredibly active lifestyle, taking part in sports events like the TC10K run, and regularly doing CrossFit-style workouts. She would very much like to help you get active too!

In August 2015 Chrystal took part in an extreme mud obstacle course and fell off one of the obstacles. This fall resulted in multiple fractures of the left leg and ankle as well as the complete separation of the left ankle joint. She spent 4-days in hospital, just under 8-weeks bed-bound, and more than 10-weeks non-weight bearing. A reduction procedure, two surgeries, a handful of screws and a metal plate later, Chrystal was able to take her healing process into her own hands. She regularly attended physiotherapy and massage therapy appointments specific to her injuries and she still continues to work on maintaining and retraining her left ankle. Today, you wouldn’t know she was injured to look at her! At the time however, these injuries limited the amount of time Chrystal was able to work on her feet. As a result, she now offers massage therapy appointments just 3-days a week.

When Chrystal is not working with patients, in or on her clinic, she can often be found in her CrossFit gym, either working out herself or coaching classes. In April 2019 Chrystal completed a foundational fitness course, and in March 2019 she achieved her CrossFit Level 1 Training certification. She intends to further her fitness and health education by taking on more fitness, and nutritional studies next. Chrystal can also be found assisting in teaching postgraduate workshops on Muscle Energy techniques to other massage and manual therapists, or by learning something all-together new at virtually anytime. She often jokes with people that she just gets bored easily and as a result, learns a new skill.

Chrystal’s family breeds falcons and for many years Chrystal played a part in helping manage this business. The falconry breeding business brought Chrystal and her family to Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 1995, where she spent the next 12 years living and growing. She returned home in 2007 and has since been making the most of the abundance of educational programs available here in Canada. As an avid learner, in addition to her Massage Therapy Diploma, Chrystal has received a handful of certifications on varying massage techniques, manual treatment of specific body parts, First Aid, and even general health and nutrition. Chrystal learned the art of eyelash extension applications (even going so far as to write and publish a book a book on this), and she has even taken on cosmetic tattooing, which she does in her clinic on the days she is not offering massage therapy.

Chrystal is constantly looking for new courses to take, and with health and fitness being her main interest, she continually reads up on the conditions that are presented to her in her clinic. She maintains a safe and secure healing environment with your best interests in mind and she is open to constructive feedback and sincerely looks forward to working with, and getting to know you.