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Located in a dedicated, cozy basement suite on the Saanich Peninsula just outside of Sidney BC, Aspect Health & Registered Massage Therapy (RMT) is an ideal place for you to come and unwind. Reduce your stresses, help alleviate aches and pains; enable deeper relaxation and clarity of thought, and give yourself a hour or two to just be while we knead your muscles and work your tissues.

Owned by Chrystal Ladouceur, RMT, your registered massage therapy care is guaranteed individual, professional and aimed at making your life more livable.

Chrystal Ladouceur is a motivated, resourceful and intuitive Registered Massage Therapist who is on a mission to make you feel better. Using her clinical knowledge while drawing on her personal experience of chronic pain and discomfort, Chrystal aims to offer pain relief in addition to preservation or restoration of natural function, ultimately making your life more livable! Read More...


I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Chrystal to everybody I know, regardless of whether they are looking to book a massage for therapeutic or relaxing reasons, or for better understanding of the mechanics of their anatomy.  She maintains a beautiful balance of professionalism with personal care; I am particularly grateful for Chrystal’s commitment to treat every […]

Rebecca Huntley
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Sciatica & Piriformis Syndrome

Sciatica may be in the form of neuralgia (nerve pain) or neuritis (nerve inflammation).  True Sciatica is inflammation of the sheaths or connective tissue surrounding the axons of the sciatic nerve.  The pain in this instance is often a constant dull ache.  Sciatic neuralgia is often caused by nerve root compression, a herniated intervertebral disc at L4, trauma, or lumbar spondylosis (degeneration of the intervertebral discs), or spondylolisthesis (one segment of the spine is moved).  Pain is often paroxysmal, shooting, throbbing and intermittent.  Pseudo Sciatica is a term used for sciatic-like symptoms created by a contracted iliotibial band, sacroiliac lesions, Piriformis Syndrome, Fibromyalgia or a number of other conditions which aggravate the sciatic nerve. Continue reading

Massage Therapy

Registered Massage Therapy is the health profession in which a person provides for the purposes of developing, maintaining and rehabilitating or augmenting physical function, or relieving pain or promoting health, the services of assessment of the soft tissues and joints on the body, and treatment and prevention of physical dysfunction, injury, pain and disorders of the soft tissues and joints by manipulation, mobilization and other manual methods.