Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage is a term given to any massage received during pregnancy. Massage therapy can help manage a number of pregnancy symptoms including muscular aches and pains, joint stiffness, even anxiety and stress. During a time when your body is busy making a new tiny human, many complex hormones are being released as you physically undergo multiple major musculoskeletal changes. You are often thwarted away from traditional over the counter medications to ease ailments, however massage therapy can help ease headaches and nausea even! In addition, many massage therapists will monitor your blood pressure, which is incredibly important during pregnancy.

While traditionally a massage therapist will treat a pregnant woman with her in a side-lying position, laying on her left side on the table, at Aspect Health we have a number of pregnancy orientated bolster systems to help you lay prone (or face down) on the table while not adding undue compression on your growing belly. This allows us access to some of the more common areas of aches and pains during pregnancy, including the entire back and gluteal region, the legs and feet. In addition, it allows you the relief of lying in a facedown position that is otherwise impossible!

In order to ensure that the table is properly prepared at the time of your appointment, please let us know in advance if you are expecting and how far along you are, so that we can choose the right bolster system for you and have it set up prior to your appointment start time!