Why Me as your RMT?

Part of the marketing workshop I’m making my way through asks me to answer this question. It encourages me to set my modesty aside, to be bold, to express myself fully. This is not an easy task, so I figured it’d make for an interesting article here. Why should you choose me over all the other equally qualified RMTs? What can I offer that another RMT may not offer? We all have similar educations, we must all pass the same competency-based board exams, and many have far more hands-on experience than I do. So what makes me a great choice for you, when you are selecting your Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)?

While thinking it through, I realized there are certain unspoken promises I make to each and every one of my patients. And these help set me aside from practitioners who may not do so. Keeping in mind that my true goal is to increase my own quality of life, by making your life more livable, here are some those unspoken promises:

  • I promise to sincerely care about finding a solution that works for you. Whether this leads to me referring you out when it’s clear my services are not indicated, or following a treatment plan until massage therapy is no longer needed, or coming to a conclusion that weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly massage therapy treatments may be the most effective plan, I will work towards finding the best solution for you.
  • I promise to be diligent and attentive in all aspects of my work with you. Whether it’s through physical assessment, health history conversation, hands-on massage time, or taking treatment notes post massage, my focus is on you and your treatment alone. This means that during your entire treatment, you will have my full attention. I will listen to your clinical needs as you express them. I will use your assessment results & my clinical education to tailor your massage therapy appointment to your specific needs. I will work through your tissues with focus, intention and attention. And if I catch my mind wandering, I will do everything in my power to bring it back to you.
  • I promise not to waste your time or money on unnecessary appointments with me. When I build a treatment plan it’s based on the belief that we can work together at finding a solution to your problem, whatever that may be. I want to improve your quality of life. I will refer you out if its clear that my services are not necessary for you, or if for any reason we cannot seem to build a therapeutic relationship together. And I will be clear about whether or not I feel further massage therapy appointments are beneficial to you and even whether or not there is another massage therapist who may assist you better than I can.
  • I promise to continue to learn new things with regards to massage therapy, the health profession and your specific needs. I read current research and I strive to offer you the most current, evidence-based practices. If you come in with a condition that I am not familiar with, or I do not have much experience with, I will be open and honest with you about this. I will also do everything in my power to learn about that condition and how I might be able to help you help yourself in the future.
  • I promise to be non-judgmental of your lifestyle, your body composition, your appearance, or anything else you share with me. When you come into my treatment space, it is a safe place for you to be you.

In addition to these unspoken promises some advantages of seeing me at Aspect Health & Registered Massage Therapy include the following:

  • My clinic is located in a basement suite, completely separate from any living space. It is attached to a complete gym that may be used for rehabilitative instruction and it is professionally equipped with everything necessary to offer you a comfortable & hygienic experience.
  • I bill most extended health providers directly, which means if you are covered by extended health and your plan allows direct billing, you may only have to pay up front the portion that your plan does not cover.
  • Parking is available directly outside the clinic, along the driveway, or even on the street.
  • I designed my work hours to accommodate most work schedules. This means I have some weekend availability, and during the week I offer afternoon and evening appointments.

These are just some of the reasons I believe my current patients choose to see me. If you are a current patient and would like to add something, please let me know! If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to get in touch! And if we haven’t met yet and you’re contemplating whether or not massage therapy with me is right for you, click on the Book Now button and come on in!