Clinic Construction Parking, October I’m Away but Jenny’s Back!

Hello everyone!

I hope the summer has been good to you this year, and as things settle down and get back to normal I trust you’re all well.  Once again there are a few things I thought you’d like to be aware of around here:

Driveway Construction Has Started – PLEASE Park at the Top or on the Street
The excavating for the driveway, the clinic parking and front house parking has finally been done! As with any construction project though, we’ve already faced a few delays on getting concrete framed and poured for the parking.  This must be done before the asphalt company can come in and lay the actual driveway.  We can expect for it to be a construction zone for the next 2 weeks at least.  For the following few weeks’, access to the clinic is by foot only.  I ask that clients please park their cars either at the very top of the driveway, being sure not to block construction or other vehicles from accessing, or on the street, and walk down for their appointments.  It is a bumpy walk (even bumpier than normal now that construction has started).  If this walk is painful for you, or causes you any distress please let me know and we can reschedule your appointment (without penalty) for a future date when construction is complete.

In October, I’m Away But Jenny Fitterer Is Back!
In anticipation of my surgery on October 5th and subsequent 6-week absence, clients have started to book their appointments well in advance.  My schedule is filling up, so if you’re hoping to get in before I’m off, please book yourself in sooner than later!  I will not be available to see massage therapy patients throughout October and into mid-November. I will of course keep you updated as things progress.

While I’m gone I’m thrilled to share that Jenny Fitterer will be available in the Aspect Health Clinic. Many of you may remember Jenny from when she was working out of my clinic as a student.  She’s a fully qualified RMT now, who works regularly out of the Equilibrium Clinic in Victoria.  I trust her work so much so that I send my family, daughter and partner to her for treatments.  I cannot be more thankful that she has agreed to come in and take care of you all while I am away.

It’s important to note that while Jenny will issue you proper receipts that can be sent into your insurance company for reimbursement, she will not be able to offer direct debit out of our clinic location.  In addition, Jenny will not be obliged to offer any discounts that I may offer for various reasons.  If you are due a referral, or other discount, Jenny will keep a note in your file and I will apply it when I am back and working with you again.

Jenny will bill at full massage therapy rates as follows:

  • Initial Consultation & RMT Treatment$120.75
  • Subsequent Massage Therapy$100.00
  • Subsequent Massage Therapy$120.75
  • Subsequent Massage Therapy $140.00

Throughout October, Jenny will be taking appointments between the hours of 10am and 6pm on Tuesdays & Wednesdays.  For the 1st two weeks of November, Jenny will be available on Tuesdays only.  You can find her schedule and book you appointments here:

I have no doubt that Jenny’s schedule will fill up quick.  However, as she is based in Victoria she will have no need to come out this way if there are no appointments booked on any particular day. Please book your appointments as far in advance as possible for your convenience, and for hers and try not to depend on last minute availability.

I am wishing you all the best as the seasons change. I so look forward to being back just in time for another holiday season around here!  In the meantime, I will be home and recovering which means I may pop down from time to time between your appointments with Jenny just to say hi!

Stay well!