20% Off Pain Summit Videos for Aspect Health Patients

As many of you know I have a bit of an obsession with Pain Science and for the past two years I’ve enjoyed watching the San Diego Pain Summit lectures from the comfort of my home. This year, while watching, I had this overwhelming sense that so much of what I was seeing, hearing, and learning would be useful to you, as my patients. The speakers are all highly educated, often doctors and other specialists at the forefront of their fields. They are well spoken – easy to follow and understand, and more often than not, they’re funny too! They speak about the most recent findings in pain science research and very eloquently tell us why chronic pain is becoming a bigger, more extensive problem for us and how we as healthcare practitioners may even be adding to the problem. And of course, they tell us how we might go about correcting it; a lot of that starts with explaining things to you. These speakers are much better at explaining things than I am so…

I got in touch with Rajam Roose, the San Diego Pain Summit Coordinator, and told her I’d like to share so much of this with so many of you. In response, she’s very generously offered Aspect Health Clients a 20% discount on any video package found at https://sandiegopainsummit.com/education-videos/

Your discount code to be entered at checkout is: ahca17

This code is good for 20% off for any of the packages and will be active until midnight on Dec. 31, 2017.

If you happen to be someone who is suffering chronic pain, please, please take advantage of this code, buy one of these packages and watch the lectures. There’s great, GREAT information in them that can help get you on the path to alleviating your pain. If you have any questions about which lectures are best suited to you, please feel free to get in touch. I can share what I think, but honestly, ALL of them are good!

For the record, the lecture that made me think of sharing with you all the most, was the 2017 A Paradigm Shift In Understanding and Treating Back Pain by Keynote: Peter O’Sullivan, Dip Physio, Post Grad Dip Manip Ther, PhD, FACP, APAM found here.

(You can watch a brief 5-minute clip of this video here)

I so look forward to seeing each of you next, and hearing what you thought of these lectures if you do happen to watch them!

Stay well!